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How to Submit Articles
Email to Andre Bassick


The success of The Review depends on club members to submit stories and pictures of their British cars and the fun they have driving them. Getting your story and photos published is easy if you follow the procedures outlined below:

Text: I prefer to receive articles in electronic form. If you have a computer, you can just email a Notepad or Word document to me. The page layout software I use can translate just about any word processor’s format, or if it’s easier for you, you can cut-and-paste your article directly into your email program. I have to re-type any articles that come to me on paper, and I’m a slow typist, so they may not get into the Review in a timely manner. I’ll still take them though.

Photographs: In this age of digital cameras, it’s easier than ever to submit pictures for the Review. The easiest thing to do is send me the fi le just as it produced by your camera. If you have a conventional film camera, you can either send me a print for scanning or scan the print yourself. If you send a print, I will scan it and return it to you, usually within one week.

If you care to scan a print yourself, or want to tweak a digital picture you’ve taken, it is important to scan at high resolution. The Review’s columns are 2.3 inches wide, so your picture needs to end up at least five inches on the long dimension so I have the freedom to print the picture two columns wide. In other words, if it’s a vertical picture, scan it so it is five inches tall; if horizontal, five inches wide. Most important of all is the PPI, or pixels per inch, setting. Some scanners refer to this as DPI, or dots per inch. This setting must be at least 240. Of course, increasing this fi gure increases file size dramatically, so there is no need to set it higher. Lower settings result in unsatisfactory reproduction in print. You can save the image as a J-peg (.jpg extension) provided you use a quality setting of at least 10 in Adobe Photoshop v6.0; or quality 8 in earlier Photoshop versions and other imaging programs.

If all that sounds confusing, just send a print and I’ll take care of the numbers.Or, give me a call and I can walk you through the process. With your contribution, the Review will continue to be the fun-to-read, valuable publication it has always been.

Andre Bassick
Newletter Editor